Tru Technology Hammer H-1 Sub Amp. J. Fairchild Edition.


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TRU Technology Hammer H-1 Subwoofer Amp. J. Fairchild Edition. Brand New In Box!

This vintage subwoofer amplifier from TRU Technology set the standard as far as sound quality was concerned, and chances are, you will not find another one brand new in box like this example.
And as you can tell from the photos in the listing, this is a beautiful piece of electronic equipment that should be showed off for full appreciation.
All of the specs are listed in one of the photos above, but here are a few of the highlights:
600 watts x 1 @ 4ohm
1000 watts x 1 @ 2ohm
1500 watts x 1 @ 1ohm
Damping Factor >700
Fuse Requirement: 120 Amp
Dimensions: 17″L x 3 1/2″H x 9″W
Weight: 14lbs.