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JBL Crown A6000GTi Amplifier. Huge! Ridiculously Powerful! Rare!


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JBL Crown A6000GTi Amplifier. 8100W x1 @4 ohms!

If you’re looking for a legendary, old-school, massively powerful amplifier, then look no further than the JBL Crown A6000GTi. When it was made, it was THE most powerful amplifier available.

This particular one has been locked away in its original wooden crate since it was built. After being stored in a private collection for years, it is now up for sale.

If the new owner of this amp wishes to use it in a build, then it should be sent off to have it checked out, and possibly have capacitors replaced since they have a tendency to degrade over time.

  • High-Efficiency Switching Power Supply
  • Current Servo Circuitry with Crown Professional Technology
  • Battery Post Style Terminal Blocks Allow for 1/0 Gauge Power Wire
  • Series or Parallel Bridge for Full Power Into 4-Ohm or 1-Ohm Loads
  • Die-Cast Aluminum Chassis with Top Plexiglas Viewing Window
  • Fully Illuminated Internals
  • Variable Low-Pass Crossover (32-320 Hz)
  • Selectable Crossover Slope (12 / 24 dB)
  • Dynamic Bass Optimization (DBO) Subsonic Filter
  • Variable Phase Control
  • Damping Factor Greater Than 1000
  • Over 15 Horsepower of Peak Output