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Hybrid Audio Legatia L1 Pro 25mm Soft Dome Tweeter


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Hybrid Audio Legatia L1 Pro 25mm Soft Dome Tweeter

The Legatia L1Pro’s topology is an enhanced “low resonance” version of the massively successful Legatia L1V2. The purpose of the L1 Pro topology was to build upon the success and efficacy of the Legatia L1V2, but offer it in a package with considerably lower resonance frequency for potential use in two-way applications, or where a tweeter with low resonance was needed. The L1 Pro was launched in February 2008, and was the first product developed and released in the Legatia Special Edition and Pro Series. In the years since its inception, the L1 Pro has been used successfully in organized car audio sound quality competition, notably including two-time Canadian and IASCA North American championship competitor John “Fozz” Myers’ vehicle. The Legatia SE L1 Pro is the reference soft-dome tweeter driver in Hybrid Audio’s product category known collectively as the Legatia SE Series.

The Hybrid Audio Legatia L1Pro tweeter is an excellent step-up in performance over the Legatia L1V2 tweeter driver offered in the Legatia series, and is the bench-mark low-resonance soft-dome tweeter in Hybrid Audio’s complete product offering. Equally at home in two-way configuration paired with a midrange or midbass, or as the dedicated tweeter transducer in a three-way application, the Legatia L1 Pro is an exemplary performer.