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Dynaudio Esotec MW 172, 8″ Mid-Woofer


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Dynaudio Esotec MW 172, 8″ Mid-Woofer

The MW 172 will perform extremely well in a wide range of enclosures, either sealed, vented, or free-air. The MW 172 exhibits a unique combination of smooth frequency response, low distortion, and extremely powerful bass to deliver an outstanding sonic performance in any high performance two- or three-way system. The MW 172 utilizes an oversized 75 mm (3 inch) diameter voice coil to drive the MSP one-piece cone diaphragm. The 15, 17 and 20 cm Esotec MW car series woofers all utilize new ultra compressed dual ferrite magnets positioned inside the coil to produce maximum utilization of the magnetic energy. The powerful double magnet system utilizes a vented pole piece for additional cooling. Positioning the magnet structure inside the voice coil enables the use of a very large voice coil, which in turn produces increased power and efficiency and yields a linear movement of the cone without breakup. Phase response is smooth and uniform.

The large diameter of the voice coils provides optimum drive of the diaphragm and guarantees enough headroom with regard to power rating, while assuring perfect control of even the most minute membrane displacement. The use of a large diameter voice coil also allows for the flat Dynaudio MSP cone membrane geometry, which results in minimal phase lag at crossover to midrange driver. The MW 172 is a perfectly balanced driver with excellent dispersion, a linear frequency response and an extraordinary absence of resonance, rendering it ideal for anchoring even a high quality two-way system even with its relatively large cone diameter.


  • Diaphragm and dust cap moulded as one piece
  • Large 75 mm voice coil ensures high power handling
  • Internal double magnet system with vented pole piece
  • Aluminium voice coil wire provides for a low moving mass
  • Rigid die-cast chassis with aerodynamically shaped ribs
  • Materials and parameters are optimized for the harsh environmental conditions in a car
  • Smooth high-frequency roll-off

Power Handling: 

  • Nominal long term IEC:
    • 150w
  • Transient (10ms):
    • 1000W

Thiele Small Parameters:

  • Nominal Impedance:
    • 4 ohms
  • DC resistance:
    • 3.2 ohms
  • Resonance Frequency:
    • 45Hz
  • Effective piston area:
    • 180 cm²
  • Frequency Response:
    • 35 to 3500 Hz

Magnet and Voice Coil Properties:

  • Voice Coil Diameter:
    • 75mm
  • voice Coil Height:
    • 14mm

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