Abyss A-Class 2-channel Amplifier


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Abyss 2-channel A-Class Car Stereo Audiophile Amplifier. Brand New in original factory carrying case. RETAIL: $8,999.00

If you’re looking for a ridiculously good, reference-level sound quality amplifier, then look no further!

The one true legend that only the purist will appreciate!

No, this is not for the daily commoner.

No this is not for the car audio newbie who just wants ” good sound”.

This is for the insane hi-fi addict who wants to bring his home system into his car.

This is for the person who wants only the best in his car.

This is for the purist who truly appreciates great sound.

Once again…brand new in original factory case, and complete with documentation. One owner. Perfect Condition. These are all photos of the actual item for sale…I do NOT use stock photography!



14.4v (Class A): 25Wx2 @ 4ohm

14.4v (Class AB): 210Wx2 @ 4ohm, 350Wx2 @ 2ohm, 500Wx2 @ 1ohm



15.75″x3.75″x16.5″ (WHL)