The Stereo Collection is a home-based business, featuring a large private collection of car (and home) audio gear.

Assembled by a long-time collector and audio enthusiast, The Collection is made up of both vintage and modern audio gear, all brand new in box. After many years of acquiring premium gear from around the world, it is time to share all of these items with the audio enthusiast community.

My name is Todd Cooperider, and I have been assigned as the manager of The Stereo Collection by the owner, who I have known well for many years now.

I am the Founder of ESOTERIC – Fine Auto Finishing, and I am also a writer / reviewer for SECRETS of Home Theater and High Fidelity. My interest and hobby in car and home audio goes back almost 4 decades. So why am I sharing with you who I am and what I do? Because you as the customer want to know that you’re dealing with somebody who is well known for honesty and integrity. I have a very public profile, and I welcome you to look me up on Youtube, Instagram, and Facebook. Also involved in the selling process is industry veteran Justin Murphy, who manages sales functions through Facebook Groups.

I thank you in advance for your interest in The Stereo Collection.

Todd Cooperider, Manager
The Stereo Collection